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How Not to Write a Medical Paper : A Practical Guide

by Markus Heinemann (Author)


Management of Health Information: Functions & Applications 2nd

by Leah Grebner (Author), Rozella Mattingly (Author)


Scutchfield and Keck's Principles of Public Health Practice 4th

by Paul C Erwin (Author), Ross C. Brownson (Author)


Oxford Textbook of Violence Prevention: Epidemiology, Evidence, and Policy

by Peter D. Donnelly (Editor), Catherine L. Ward (Editor)


Community Medicine With Recent Advances 3rd Edition

by A. H. Suryakantha (Author)


Oxford Textbook of Global Public Health 6th Edition

by Rogers Detels (Editor), Martin Gulliford (Editor), Quarraisha Abdool Karim (Editor), Chorh Chuan Tan (Editor)


21st Century Global Health Diplomacy 1st Edition

by Thomas E Novotny (Author, Editor), Ilona Kickbusch (Author, Editor), Michaela Told (Author, Editor)


Understanding Research for Evidence-Based Practice Fourth Edition

by Cherie R. Rebar PhD RN MBA FNP COI (Author), Carolyn J. Gersch PhD-c MSN RN CNE (Author)


Understanding the Australian Health Care System

by Eileen Willis (Editor), Louise Reynolds (Editor), Helen Keleher (Editor)


Applied Paramedic Law and Ethics: Australia and New Zealand

by Ruth Townsend (Author), Morgan Luck (Author)


Oxford Handbook of Epidemiology for Clinicians (Oxford Medical Handbooks) 1st Edition

by Helen Ward (Author), Mireille B. Toledano (Author), Gavin Shaddick (Author), Bethan Davies (Author), Paul Elliott (Author)


Applied Methods of Cost-benefit Analysis in Health Care (Handbooks in Health Economic Evaluation) 1st Edition

by Emma McIntosh (Author), Philip Clarke (Author), Emma J. Frew (Author), Jordan J. Louviere (Author)


Statistical Models in Epidemiology Reprint Edition

by David Clayton (Author), Michael Hills (Author)