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Placenta: The Tree of Life (Gene and Cell Therapy)

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by Ornella Parolini (Editor)


    Placenta: The Tree of Life (Gene and Cell Therapy)

    by Ornella Parolini (Editor)

    Long regarded as biological waste, the placenta is gaining momentum as a viable product for clinical use. Due to their unique properties, placental cells and derivatives show great promise in curing various diseases. Utilizing contributions from world-renowned experts, Placenta: The Tree of Life considers the therapeutic potential of these cells. It examines new stem cell–based strategies and highlights recent studies that advance the range of treatment for a number of illnesses.




    Emphasizing the potential research and therapeutic use of stem cells, the book discusses the development, structure, and functions of the human placenta. It introduces overall aspects of the immune system, explains some of the immune mechanisms during pregnancy, and shows the role of the placenta in these mechanisms. Current scientific research is presented that focuses on the mechanisms of action underlying the therapeutic benefit of cells isolated from different placental regions.




    An exhaustive examination, this pivotal work:






    • Considers how perinatal cells may represent an important source for cell therapy approaches in the near future, in both human and veterinary medicine

    • Describes the clinical potential of placenta-derived cells in regenerative medicine—specifically in neurological disorders, metabolic liver diseases, inflammatory diseasesand autoimmune diseases

    • Explains how cells isolated from different placental tissues share basic properties



    Placenta: The Tree of Life summarizes the advantages of perinatal tissue as a source of cells with therapeutic potential and is designed for use in the study of genetics, stem cell science, placental function, reproductive biology, regenerative medicine, and related fields.


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