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Diagnostic Pathology: Normal Histology, 2e 2nd Edition

by Matthew R. Lindberg MD (Author)


Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Breast First Edition

by Jean F. Simpson MD (Author), Melinda E. Sanders MD (Author)


Diagnostic Pathology: Lymph Nodes and Extranodal Lymphomas, 2e 2nd Edition

by L. Jeffrey Medeiros MD (Author), Roberto N. Miranda MD (Author)


Sternberg's Diagnostic Surgical Pathology [2 - Volume Set] Sixth Edition

by Stacey E Mills MD (Author), Joel K. Greenson MD (Author), Jason L Hornick MD PhD (Author), Teri A. Longacre MD (Author), Victor E. Reuter MD (Author)


Differential Diagnoses in Surgical Pathology: Gynecologic Tract Kindle Edition

by Russell Vang (Author), Anna Yemelyanova (Author), Jeffrey D. Seidman (Author)


Atlas of Touch Preparation Cytopathology 1st

by Sara E., MD Monaco (Author), Liron, MD Pantanowitz (Author), Juan, MD Xing (Author)


The Pathology of Cardiac Transplantation: A clinical and pathological perspective 1st

by Ornella Leone (Editor), Annalisa Angelini (Editor), Patrick Bruneval (Editor), Luciano Potena (Editor)


Pathology and Biology of Human Germ Cell Tumors 1st

by Francisco F. Nogales (Editor), Rafael E. Jimenez (Editor)


Pathology of the Head and Neck 2nd

by Antonio Cardesa (Editor), Pieter J. Slootweg (Editor), Nina Gale (Editor), Alessandro Franchi (Editor)


Pathology of the Bile Duct 1st

Pathology of the Bile Duct 1st


Fenoglio-Preiser's Gastrointestinal Pathology 4th

by Amy E. Noffsinger (Author)


Pathology of Liver Diseases 1st

by Gary C. Kanel (Author)


Diagnostic Pathology of Infectious Disease E-Book 2nd

by Richard L. Kradin (Author)


Pathology of Pigmented Skin Lesions 1st

by Jose A. Plaza (Author), Victor G. Prieto (Author)