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Controversies in Neuro-Ophthalmology

by Andrew G. Lee (Editor), Jacinthe Rouleau (Editor), Reid Longmuir (Editor)


Congenital Heart Disease and Neurodevelopment: Understanding and Improving Outcomes

by Christopher McCusker (Editor), Frank Casey (Editor)


The Central Nervous System

by Per Brodal (Author)


Essentials of Functional MRI

by Patrick W. Stroman (Author)


Neurotoxicology, Third Edition (Target Organ Toxicology Series)

by G. Jean Harry (Author), Hugh A. Tilson (Author)


Epileptic Seizures and the EEG: Measurement, Models, Detection and Prediction

by Andrea Varsavsky (Author), Iven Mareels (Author), Mark Cook (Author)


Astrocytes: Wiring the Brain (Frontiers in Neuroscience)

by Eliana Scemes (Editor), David C. Spray (Editor)


Atlas of the Neonatal Rat Brain

by Renuka Ramachandra (Author), Thyagarajan Subramanian (Author)


Atlas of the Prenatal Mouse Brain

by Uta B. Schambra (Author, Editor), Jean M. Lauder (Author), Jerry Silver (Author, Editor)


Gliomas (Handbook of Clinical Neurology)

by Mitchel S. Berger (Editor), Michael Weller (Editor)


Epilepsy: The Intersection of Neurosciences, Biology, Mathematics, Engineering, and Physics

by Ivan Osorio (Editor), Hitten P. Zaveri (Editor), Mark G. Frei (Editor), Susan Arthurs (Editor)