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A Historical Perspective on Evidence-Based Immunology

by Edward J. Moticka (Author)


Advances in Probiotic Technology

by Petra ger (Editor), Chalat Santivarangkna (Editor)


Algae and Environmental Sustainability (Developments in Applied Phycology)

by Bhaskar Singh (Editor), Kuldeep Bauddh (Editor), Faizal Bux (Editor)


Algal Biorefineries: Volume 2: Products and Refinery Design

by Aleš Prokop (Editor), Rakesh K. Bajpai (Editor), Mark E. Zappi (Editor)


Antibiotics and Antibiotic Resistance in the Environment

by Carlos F. Amábile-Cuevas (Author)


Antimicrobial Peptides: Role in Human Health and Disease

by Jürgen Harder (Editor), Jens-M. Schröder (Editor)


Atlas of Oral Microbiology: From Healthy Microflora to Disease

by Xuedong Zhou (Editor), Yuqing Li (Editor)


Balsamic Vinegars: Tradition, Technology, Trade

by Paolo Giudici (Author), Federico Lemmetti (Author), Stefano Mazza (Author)


Basement Membranes (Current Topics in Membranes)

by Jeffrey H. Miner (Editor)