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MedQuest GetParam!

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    MedQuest GetParam!
    Get Pharm! and GET the UNDERSTANDING of all the pharmacology you need for your USMLE Step 1 examination. Both USMLE and COMLEX need you to answer these questions:

    What is the indication for this drug?
    What is the mechanism of action?
    Which of the following is the most common adverse effect?

    Get Pharm! provides everything you need for your examination in fewer than 20 hours. The course is based on the Master the Boards: USMLE Step 1 Pharmacology Flashcards (link is external) (sold separately) written by Dr. Fischer. Together, the pharmacology flashcards and video course are a high-energy experience that is concise yet comprehensive, providing everything you need for your test.

    The Get Pharm! video course also includes hundreds of additional images not seen in the flashcards, showing the mechanism of action of the medications.

    The course is taught entirely by Dr. Fischer in his unique and superbly memorable style. Students report hearing Dr. Fischer’s voice in their heads on test day handing them the answers to the questions.

    USMLE does not test drugs that are off the market. USMLE does not test dosing. Have you taken a pharmacology class that felt more like a history class? Did your professors waste your time teaching you dosing which is not tested? Medical school faculty are often years out of date. Dr. Fischer will help you be totally current in fewer than 25 hours



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